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Book-keeping Kabani & Company Risk Advisory practice works closely with clients to assist in the management of risk and the achievement of strategic business objectives through proper internal control systems. Our professionals provide the value-added risk management capabilities needed to mitigate business risk, support business strategies and continuously improve operational performance.

Our Risk Advisory Services practice offers a combination of services designed to address your varying organizational needs. From enterprise-wide risk initiatives, to corporate governance programs, to specific niche service solutions, our team will work with you to create strategic, practical and effective processes to minimize organizational risks and maximize business opportunities.

Risk is pervasive in every organization and it cannot be fully eliminated however it can be reduced to keep it within the organizational risk appetite. We have a specialized and experienced risk advisory team. Our team has the right expertise for advising and helping our clients in dealing with the risks on a real time basis.

We offer the following range of risk advisory services:

  • Internal Audit Services
  • Internal Control Reviews and Gap Analysis
  • IT Systems Reviews ( General and Application Controls)
  • Sarbanes- Oxley Compliance
  • Enterprise Risk Assessment
  • Risk & Control Framework Assessment
  • Contracts Risk Services
  • Fraud Prevention and Investigations
  • Fraud Risk Assessment
  • Standard operating procedures
  • Management Reporting System
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Budgetary Control Function
  • Supply Chain Management

Directly to our Risk Advisory service leader at Kamran.ali@kabanico.ae.

Risk Oriented and Business Focused Advisory services